101 Fun Things to do with Kids on Nantucket #1

Walking on Nantucket was an original post that suggests two books by Peter Brace that tell all about walking on Nantucket, they even have a difficulty rating and a field guide to assist you on your adventures.

I also blogged about my two favorite spots in this post – it has directions to the Gardner Property and Squam Swamp.

But today I was thinking – maybe there are some who don’t wish to venture into the great wild and would like some suggestions that are not so far off the beaten path.  Here are five great places on Nantucket to walk with your kids.  All in town and all stroller friendly!

1. Oldest House

coffin house nantucket

Photo Courtesy NHA

2. Wharves – an especially nice place to explore on a rainy day as you can duck in and out of shoppes – or just enjoy the beauty of the harbor.  We enjoy going near the end of the day to see the fishing charters come in with their bounty.

wharves nantucket

3. Greater Light

Located at 8 Howard Street this property is a Nantucket Gem.  The kids can enjoy the outdoors and you can enjoy a little Nantucket history!

Photo Courtesy NHA

Photo Courtesy NHA

4. The Secret Candy Store at Force 5.  Who doesn’t like seeing the expression on the face of a kid in a candy store!  6 Union Street – across from NRTA building.

IMG-20130530-003325. Washington Street Extension – walk down Washington Street all the way until the end.  It is one of the greatest spots to enjoy with your kids on Nantucket.  Grab yourself some cooked and cracked Lobsters at Sayle’s Seafood and hang out on the beach at sunset.  Bring a suit though – I am sure the kids will want to wade in.  Mine always do.

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