Nantucket Community Sailing Registration Opens Monday 1.25 12PM

nantucket community sailing with kids

It is once again time to logon to your computers at high noon to gain a coveted Nantucket Community Sailing registration spot.  I just got off the tele with them and there are some things that are new this year that may help you with registration. First, if you have a Guppy (ages 5-6) register them first, these spaces fill up fastest. Second, Hunters (ages 7-12) are now called Whalers.  Third, this is only the first round of registration and available only to year-round island residents.  Island Residents if you do not get a spot, don’t be completely discouraged. A second round of registrations will be open February 1st at 12 P.M. EST. Fourth, if you intend to apply for a scholarship – please make sure you submit this form within the first week of registration.  The first round of registration ends Thurs., January 28th 12 PM- but don’t wait.

Happy Nantucket Community Sailors

Happy Nantucket Community Sailors

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